Art Stage Singapore

Art Stage Singapore
art stage singaporeMany famous painters have flocked to the French Riviera in the past, citing the perfect light conditions for their move. But a sense of ‘place' has a very important role in the work of the artist, to find inspiration in your surroundings is essential. And surely there is no better place to find inspiration for your work than the gorgeous Singapore, where there is something of an art renaissance in motion right now.
There are a whole host of art museums, gallery and exhibition spaces to enjoy here, and one of the best and most ambitious of these is Art Stage Singapore. This institution is readying itself for the yearly presentation of artworks from around South East Asia and further afield. Every year there is a theme, and this time around it is: the Indonesian Pavilion.
This will provide the perfect backdrop to curate some of Indonesia's best Contemporary art which will be hung in specially made gallery booths. The head of Art Stage Singapore Lorenzo Rudolf said: “Art Stage Singapore is very happy to host this never-seen-before international platform for Indonesian artists and galleries in our 2013 edition.”
Never before has there been an exhibition of so many artists from Indonesia under the same roof, with up to 50 artists on show in this space. Many of these men and women have never had their work seen outside of Indonesia, so it is a very exciting process for all involved.
It is also an extremely appetising venture for art collectors who like to see new art for them to invest in. One of these is Oei Hong Djien, owner of OHD Museum in Magelang, Central Java, and he believes there are no limitations in this showcase, saying: “Usually if artists exhibit at a gallery there is a limit of space and limit of the size of the artwork. The artists are very happy because they have a huge amount of space. There is no limit, so our artists are coming out with 10-meter-long works or a piece that is 6 x 6 meters … I think it will be a blockbuster.”
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