GameMaki Empowers Startups

Startups are a huge part of any country's economical growth and Singapore is no different. It prides itself on the support that it gives to its emerging talent and GameMaki is a prime example of this. Offering a blueprint for startups to follow to increase the possibility of success.
singapore games computerAfter some undeniable difficulty with investors GameMaki performed a financial U-turn, coming back from near collapse with a healthy investment of $100,000 from Crystal Horse Investments. The product that the company is most well known for so far is its social network platform. While this is still the early stages for the company it is generating enough revenue to cover the projects and campaigns it has been running, with a hope to increase this revenue in the near future.
The Startup Genome report has outlined that Singapore has an ideal amount of funding for startup companies and what is now needed is a greater level of high quality projects and entrepreneurs to take it to the next level. GameMaki is a wonderful prototype that could prove to be a source of inspiration for new startups, pushing them to up their game and step up to the challenge.
In the latest list Singapore ranks 17th in The Startup Genome's list of Top 20 startup ecosystems. This puts the country up there with London and Silicon Valley, providing the world with new and innovative creations to inspire others. There is no denying that the success of GameMaki has certainly contributed to this.
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