Midnight Safari

There are few things more exhilarating in life than a safari. Gaining an insight into the world of an animal in its natural habitat is a truly eye-opening experience. However, a new experience is now a possibility for the people of Singapore and its visitors. The Night Safari opened in 1994 and is specifically for nocturnal animals. This allows visitors to walk into a world that they would only be able to experience in wildlife documentaries were it not for the Safari.
singapore night safariIt features a guided tram that takes you through the geographical zones of the world. Lasting 40 minutes you start at the Himalayan Foothills, watching the Bharals and mountain goats. It then passes through the Indian Subcontinent showing you the striped hyenas and the sloth bear. Moving on from there the tram enters Equatorial Africa with its zebras and hippos. Next on the journey is the Indo-Malayan Region with a fine view of the Malayan tiger. The Asian Riverine Forest offers tapirs and elephants and the Nepalese River Valley offers the Asian wolf and even a rhinoceros. Finally you go through the Burmese Hillside with its guars and golden deer.
These are by no means the only animals that the night safari has to offer, but it is a good overview of some of the magnificent creatures that you might come across on the tram ride. The park also offers special experiences such as photography with the animals and Safari dining experiences for those special occasions.
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