Red Friday

Apple Announce ‘Red Friday'
apple steve jobs red fridayEver since Steve Jobs passed away Apple have galvanised in the face of a tough economic downturn and streaked ahead of their competitors as the largest company in the world. New gadgets, sleek designs and amazing features are synonymous with the Apple brand which gave us the iPod and iPad.
There is one area in the world that can't get enough of their products and the answer is South East Asia. It is places like Singapore and Thailand which are driving the digital revolution currently, and Apple want to get a strong foothold in these markets and dominate for years to come.
Not one to miss an opportunity, Apple has decided it will hold a special event in Jan 2013 to celebrate the Chinese New Year. This will culminate in one special day of frenzied shopping for consumers in a selection of countries from around Asia. This day will go under the moniker of ‘Red Friday', and red is of course a colour that is synonymous with the Far East.
This is not an unprecedented occurrence however, as Apple have done this before under different titles. It is an excellent marketing ploy and usually results in increased sales. But the rest of the world have similar types of privileges like the ‘Black Friday' which has similar offers on the table. One of the best aspects of this day is that shipping costs will be totally free, so you won't have to pay anything extra for the postage and packaging. This offer is going to be available for most of their stock presumably.
The lucky nations that are entitled for this deal include Singapore, Thailand, China, Hong Kong, and Malaysia. This will also coincide with the recent release of the iPhone 5 which Apple will hope can generate some huge business in the area. Usually, young people queue up for days outside the Apple store, some even camping overnight, just to get their hands on their very own model. Technology is an obsession.
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