Are Virtual or Augmented Reality the Future

Are Virtual or Augmented Reality the Future

The number of gamers in Singapore is expected to be 3 million people by 2026. Players in Singapore spent $327.2 million on games in 2019. Virtual Reality technology is one of the technological innovations that has been introduced in this century. This is a technology that it the top companies investing in it. This includes Facebook, Samsung, Apple, HTC, etc. this has actually improved the level of the Virtual Reality technology. Most of the technological innovations have now incorporated the Virtual Reality technology in the latest innovations that they invent. Here is actually the current feature of the Virtual Reality technology. Apple is looking at multiple ways virtual and augmented reality could be implemented into some future iOS devices or new hardware products. Apple's focus with AR/VR has gone up over the last few years and an augmented reality products could be launched this 2022.

Virtual Reality with Mobile Phones

Various smartphones that are being invented have incorporated a lot of Virtual Reality technology. For instance, the Samsung Company have come up with the Gearbest VR headset. This actually makes it a crucial introduction of the VR industry in the communication industry. The HTC Company have also invested into the virtual reality technology by designing the VR headset also. In the coming generations people will be making calls and sending messages on the VR platform.

Virtual Reality with the Gaming Industry

The gaming industry is the top industries that have tremendously benefitted from the VR technology. Most of the gaming at this century are frequently played on the VR platform. This has resulted in a realistic gaming experience on the VR platform. Most of the hard-core gamers in the world have resorted to the Virtual Reality technology. Most of the game developers have shifted their focus on developing games for the Virtual Reality technology.

Virtual Reality with the Automotive Industry

The automotive industry has also invested in the virtual reality technology. This has given out an autonomous direction in the future of Virtual Reality. Various headsets are being designed primarily for the racing vehicles. This has also shaped the future of the virtual reality technology. The automotive industry has also used the virtual reality technology in the car design.

The Education Sector

The education sector is also making a strong move to the VR technology. The Virtual Reality technology provides virtual aids to the students thus making this technology a very vital tool in the education sector.

Virtual Reality and the entertainment industry

Most of the latest movies are being accessed on the VR platform. All you need to have it only the VR headsets. Currently, the NETFLIX VR app is the one providing the movies on the VR platform. In the future, the gadgets such as TV might be rendered useless with the coming of the VR technology. This is because they will be render obsolete. At the moment, the movies and music can now be viewed on the VR platform. You can also access the internet content via the VR platform using the WebVR app.

The Tourism Sector

This is also one of the industries that will receive a tremendous change on the VR platform. The VR platforms will allow you to have an access to various scenic view at a comfort of your home. That is how the virtual reality technology will change on how we live.